I know Ing. Girmanová for some 10 years. We have worked together in two companies producing milk and dairy products. In Friesland a. s. was Ing. Girmanová appointed to an important post of Brand marketing manager. She performed her job very well and soon became one of company assets. In addition to high professionalism, she stood out with her warm personality and good command of English. Although she was consistently demanding 100% performance from her colleagues, she was well accepted in the team.

When the company AGRO TAMI a.s. was founded, I was tasked by the owner to manage it. She was the first person that I approached to join us. Her work and results confirmed again the high standard of her professionalism and personal qualities. The company AGRO TAMI a.s. became well known amongst the consumers and enjoys consistently increasing popularity of our production on the market. Mrs. Girmanová took a very active part in the implementation and marketing of new dairy products, resulting in important national prize.

Starting her own business will surely be benefit to the professional enterprise environment, although a loss to AGRO TAMI a.s.
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Ing. Bystrík Štefák, Production Manager,
member of board of management
of AGRO TAMI, a.s.
Friesland Magazine 1/2005
Successful launch of new products on the market, advertisement campaigns that persist in consumers' memory, as well as motivating team leading, all of that are results of work of Zuzka Girmanová. Also in this way I am thankful to her for professional guidance and sharing her experience in company Friesland Slovensko, a.s., as my supervisor during 2005 – 2007. This gave me sound knowledge base for new challenges in company Kofola a.s., first in position of Senior Brand manager with responsibility for Rajec brand and acquisition of Vinea brand on the Slovak and Czech market and subsequently in position of marketing director of Kofola Slovensko, a.s.

Zuzana is well experienced in multinational and Slovak advertising and marketing companies and I believe that the future will bring an opportunity for our further cooperation.
Mikuláš Šranko, marketing director
member of board of management
of Kofola a.s.
Company Slovak Ventures, s.r.o. deals with import and distribution of foreign language literature, we are exclusive representatives of several publishing houses in Slovakia. Mrs. Zuzana Girmanová has worked in our company in the position of Sales&Marketing Manager. She was a very important member of our team and her drive and hard work was always appreciated in the team. Her professionalism helped us to strengthen our market share and position. Amongst her other activities she established in our company „The English News“, that we consider very successful and keep publishing. In co-operation with the “Trend” magazine she opened a new client segment of managers' literature in English for business clients.
Michael J. Hermann,
owner of Slovak Ventures, s.r.o.
I worked with Zuzana Girmanová during her tenure in company Agro Tami a.s. where she was heading the marketing department. In close co-operation we have been preparing and launching projects for support and development of white long-life milk and flavored milk in Slovakia. I prize highly her knowledge and understanding of market, professional attitude, drive and enthusiasm for new approach and thinking in the company. In this spirit Zuzana devised the concept of launching the enriched milk on the Slovak market and deployed it very successfully.
Ing. Lenka Hálková,
Marketing Manager
Czech & Slovak Republics,
Tetra Pak Česká republika, s.r.o.